Thursday, September 1, 2016

You've got this girl....

OK-  so this is how my day went..  I have needed to have the water lines in the rig sanitized due to the fact that we had no idea how it had been treated before we purchased it this summer.  Also, I had noticed an odor from the bathroom faucet and my repair guy thought it might be from water sitting in the lines in the past and recommended the sanitize as well..   SOOO..  I put on my big girl panties and watched a few You-Tube videos for guidance and jumped in with both feet.  It took me 4 times as long as the fellows on the videos as I hit a few snags, of course.  My major issues were 2 different valves that were supposed to stop water from flowing back into the contaminated area.  I devised a fix all by myself that worked beautifully.  Moral of the story-  You are more capable than you think you are.  Don't let fear, lack knowledge or ,as in my case, lack of self-esteem stop you..  
Remember, You've got this!!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

and so it begins........

It all began with a phone call to the wonderful guy who has been doing some repair work on the 5th wheel to see if he would consider being a transport driver..  The answer... YES.  Wonderful..  So off we go heading to the next location that Greg's group is supposed stay at for the next job.  Well let me tell you that the Lord works mysterious ways and sometimes not so mysterious ways..  Remember I said I asked my repair guy to help me with driving the rig, well good thing...  As I was following him I noticed one of the tires on the trailer was tracking funny so I called him and told him and we pulled over and come to find out we had an issue with the axle and due to Jason's quick appraisal of the situation and vast knowledge, he quickly changed over to the new spare and avoided a blowout...  By the time we made it to the campground, we both were shot, but by golly he was a trooper and helped me set up and finished a few items on my list..  Oh he did find some humor in the fact that I have not gotten the packing of the trailer down yet and when we arrived and opened the door we were greeted with open cabinets and several frames on the floor and some baskets that had overturned...  Needless to say it looked a bit like a bomb had gone off..  I will get my checklist a bit more refined...  It will help when I have my partner in crime with me..  MY HUSBAND...  I must admit I feel a bit at loose ends without him... Hopefully he will be joining me within a week or so.  

I guess that is a good lead-in to an explanation of what we are intending to do with this blog.  I will probably do the majority of the writing as Greg works A LOT of hours, but he does want to contribute.  He will be writing as he has time.  We will cover all subjects that we encounter in this new lifestyle.. the good and bad..  I will try to include as many pictures and video as I can..  It is a learning curve for us.  If you see something obvious that needs addressing please contact us, NICELY..  God Bless..